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'Robot Coupe' Blixers

  • performs as two machines in one—food processor and blender…
  • prepare liquidized foods, as well as chop, grind, puree & emulsify
  • fast, efficient, simple-to-use
  • guarantee a perfectly processed product without any loss of nutrition or flavor
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'Robot Coupe' Combination Processors

  • commercial food processor performs a host of culinary feats
  • high speed and quality vegetable processing
  • slices, juliennes, and shreds with the continuous feed attachment
  • chop, grind, puree, mix, or knead using the cutter bowl attachment
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'Robot Coupe' Robot Cook

  • Multi propose food processor
  • Emulsifying, Grinding, Mixing, Chopping, Blending and Kneading
  • fast, efficient, simple-to-use
  • Can heat up to 140 degrees
  • Nine programmable recipes
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