The New Performance Class.


Intuitive operating concept

Simple, logical and efficient. This makes working with the iVario Pro not only effortless, but also fun. From the very start.


Best Working Conditions

The iVario Pro makes the kitchen ergonomic, labour-saving, safe and efficient. Good for wellbeing and improved working methods.


Desired Result Without Supervision

Thanks to the built-in cooking intelligence iCookingSuite, it can do it all. Nothing sticks and nothing boils over. Also the iVario Pro will only alert you when you are really needed. For cooking results exactly as you require.


Higher Flexibility

The patented iZoneControl turns one pan into multiple iVario units. For different foods. For more freedom. For more creativity.


Effective Energy Management

The iVarioBoost heating system combines power, speed and precision. The reserve capacity and precise heat distribution over the entire surface ensures that the cooking process for searing meat and delicate foods runs perfectly.


iVario/iVario Pro models

iVario 2-XS

Capacity: 2x 17 L | 2x GN 2/3
Electric consumption: 400V/50Hz/3PH+N; 14 kW
Dimension (w/o base): 1100 x 756 x 485/1070 (H)mm

iVario Pro 2-S

Capacity: 2x 25 L | 2x GN 1/1
Electric consumption: 400V/50Hz/3PH+N; 21 kW
Dimension (w/o base): 1100 x 938 x 485/1245 (H)mm

iVario Pro L

Capacity: 150 L | GN 3/1
Electric consumption: 400V/50Hz/3PH+N; 41 kW
Dimension (w/o base): 1030 x 894 x 608/1290 (H)mm

iVario Pro XL

Capacity: 100 L | GN 2/1
Electric consumption: 400V/50Hz/3PH+N; 27 kW
Dimension (w/o base): 1030 x 894 x 608/1365 (H)mm


Installation Options

- standard (counter-top)
- w/substructure - on legs
- w/substructure - on castros

Available Accessories

- frying / boiling baskets w/automatic arms
- colander
- pan base rack
- scoops
- oil cart
- and more...


C.E.C. Catering Equipment Co., Ltd. is an Authorized Distributor and Certified Service Partner for RATIONAL Products.